Long, long ago, you turned

my head and my heart  into flames.

You’ve lost your game with me.

Be proud of you, we do not talk about it.

Quiet, very quiet in my heart I still love you.

My heart is broken and  I have forgiven you,

but I have not forgotten that

You were never there when I needed you.


Rocky, steep mountain trails,

I see nothing  but Stones.

Stones – which you put in my way.

The same as years ago – I went the same

way, crossed Meadows and Fields, there were no Stones.

That’s the truth.

My World was fine, as long as I did not want

to see your Thoughts.



© Catharina Van Der Meer, 2015. 

Unwritten Thoughts by Catharina Van Der Meer will be published on July 15, 2015.


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